Ninou Créations ®

Each piece is hand made in France, with patience, attention to detail and high quality materials.

Almost all the supplies are bought in France.


Discreet, voluminous, symmetrical or asymmetrical, discover Ninou Cré@tions brand earrings.

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Clip on earrings

Earrings for non pierced ears. Most earrings can be transformed into a clip for uniperced ears. Don't hesitate to contact me.

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Elastics, adjustable or made to measure.... Discreet or flashy... Rings by Ninou Cré@tions make your fingers shine.

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With its multitude of shapes, materials and styles, bracelets by Ninou Cré@tions are suitable for everyone.

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Elegant or bohemian style, long or short, with pearls, gems or crystals.... Ninou Cré@tions necklaces can be adapted to any outfit.

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Ninou Cré@tions create one of a kind and limited edition pieces of jewelry. Some of these creations are for sales, do not hesitate to contact us.